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Simple Distributed Computing

Fastmap offloads arbitrary Python functions to the cloud.

🌤  Offload anything
Fastmap is the easiest way to offload Python code. Use fastmap.offload() wherever you would might have needed an EC2.
🌤  Little-to-no configuration
Forget about spinning up server, configuring IAM, installing dependencies, or writing YAML. Fastmap does all the work so you can focus on your code.
🚀  Deploy in minutes
Fastmap comes with an open-source cloud service. With a Google Cloud Platform account, you can setup and deploy fastmap with one command.
🛀  Built for productivity
Fastmap is designed to eliminate infrastructure and speed up your work. Spend your time writing code - not fighting infrastructure.

Support a simpler cloud.

Fastmap's goal is to make distributed computing simple. Engineers, data scientists, and researchers have more important things to do than worrying about configuration and servers. Send us an email if you'd like to contribute or with any feedback.