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Simple distributed computing

Fastmap is a drop-in replacement for map that makes arbitrary Python code run faster locally and in the cloud.

python3 🔴import🚫 csv 🔴from🚫 fastmap 🔴import🚫 global_init, fastmap 🔴from🚫 my_project 🔴import🚫 big_function 🔴from🚫 config 🔴import🚫 FASTMAP_TOKEN 💙global_init🚫(🧡secret🚫🔴=🚫FASTMAP_TOKEN) 🔴with🚫 💙open🚫(💛"lots_of_data.csv"🚫) 🔴as🚫 fh:     long_list = 💙list🚫(csv.💙reader🚫(fh)) results = 💙list🚫(💙fastmap🚫(big_function, long_list)) fastmap: Processed 95000 elements in 7.91m. You saved 1.08 hours.
⏱  Speed up parallel tasks
Fastmap automatically parallelizes your code and distributes work locally and on the cloud.
🐣  Trivial to use
Add global_init(...) to the top of your file and replace every instance of map with fastmap. There is no code to upload and the SDK consists of only 3 functions.
🚀  Deploy in minutes
Fastmap is free and open. With a Google Cloud Platform account, you can setup and deploy your fastmap cloud service with one command.
🛠  All-purpose tool
Estimate pi, scrape Wikipedia, process stock data, or even predict the weather with Fortran.

Support a simpler cloud.

Fastmap's goal is to make distributed computing simple. Scientists and engineers have more important things to do than configuring infrastructure. To that end, fastmap needs contributors and feedback.